Welcome to the USS Devonshire NCC-79942

Welcome to the USS Devonshire NCC-79942

    "The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war." - Douglas MacArthur

The Devonshire recently completed a refit cycle at Providence Fleet Yards and is assigned to Task Force 93 to assist with it's multitude of objectives. A suitable loadout of modules is ordered loaded to support as many of those objectives as possible without any additional downtime to replace them after the Devonshire departs Providence. Due to the Gorn Incursion of the Cestus and Canterra sectors as well as the increasing tensions in the area of operations caused by the ongoing Klingon Civil War, a Type VIII hangar module for the two squadrons of fighters and their support personnel, has been installed...along with a Command and Support Barracks for a Marine Special Operations and RECON Force. The ship has been outfitted with both science and medical modules to expand her humanitarian aid abilities, as well as a colonization/evacuation module to assist in settling the Raeyan Transit Corridor or evacuating civilians out of harms way should the Gorn press further into Federation territory, or the fighting inside the Klingon Empire spills across the border. Two Type VI combat modules have been transferred from Utopia Planetia to Providence for the Devonshire's use should further hostilities erupt. All personnel are ordered to Providence to begin boarding operations and finish preparations for departure.

These are only a few of the stories waiting to be written into the pages of history. Do you have what it takes to have your name entered into those pages?

Ship Status

In Orbit of Xavier Fleet Yards
Current Status: Receiving Personnel

Latest News Items

» There's a New Sheriff in Town.

Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 4:24pm by Commander David Braddock in Sim Announcement

Hello USS Devonshire! Just a quick announcement today to mark a series of new developments with the simm. To begin with, we have a new CO, please welcome the grizzled Commander David Braddock, who will be taking over from now on as the Captain of the Devonshire. With new leadership comes a new plan for the future, there is now a new upcoming mission "Gorn Hospitality," which we will begin on May 1st 2019, after we have had a short chance to finally wrap up our business at Xavier Fleet Yards. We will be plunging headlong into the Gorn conflict, taking part in Starfleet's operation to re-conquer the Canterra system, liberate the Federation colony there, and deny it's resources to the Gorn war effort. Efforts have begun to attract new members to the sim and bolster our crew with new skillsets and personalities

There are exciting prospects in our future, and, as the new CO, I look forward very much to working with you all to build up the Dev into a strong and vibrant example of the best Bravo Fleet has to offer. I hope you all share my enthusiasm.

Good luck & best wishes, CDR Braddock

» New Player: Bizaz Targu

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 7:16pm by Commander Francheszka Braxton, née Mackelsen in General News

The Devonshire crew is elated to welcome a new player into the field!

Bizaz Targu, a member of an obscure (but still canon, thank you TOS!) species who will be both our new Security Investigations Officer and this simm's first Warrant Officer character to boot!

Welcome aboard, Officer Targu!

» A New Player Has Entered The Ring

Posted on Fri Dec 28th, 2018 @ 12:12am by Commander Francheszka Braxton, née Mackelsen in General News

The Devonshire is pleased as punch to welcome in our new Chief Tactical Officer, LtJG. Sitak!

A new player is always a welcome holiday present!

Cheers, everyone!

-Cmdr. Francheszka "Frankenstein" Braxton

» Update to Simulation Rules and Regs!

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 @ 4:41pm by Commander Francheszka Braxton, née Mackelsen in Sim Announcement

The rules on the Devonshire site have been updated to reflect changing times and hopefully to mitigate past issues from reoccurring in the future.

I would like to begin by thanking the players behind the characters of First Officer Jack Logan and Security Chief Isabelle Verhagen for their considerable input, debate, and proofreading of this. It has helped the process immensely, guys!

Now, the full rules can be found http://devonshire.bravofleet.games/index.php/main/rules , but here are sections with the largest changes:

3. All members are expected to post at least once every fourteen (14) days, with additional posting responsibilities based on position in the simm.

Senior Staff/Department Heads: 2 posts per a week
Officers/Non-Comm (PO3+): 1 post per a week
Crewman/Cadets/Civilians: 1 post per every two weeks

Joint Post participation during a week does count as 0.5 of a post, even if the joint-post is not completed by the end of the week. These are tracked by GM/AGMs via tag reminders issued on the USS Devonshire discord channel.

This section was written to make responsibilities and requirements for posting more clear, and to kick our posting rates up. The JP amendment is to account for the long back and forth that can occur, especially in inter-player-character dialogue.

As a side note for those who have side characters (the characters in the manifest that have [Player Name] beside them), your posts as these characters count towards your total. If you have two characters from different categories (such as a Senior Officer and a Civilian), you are counted in the more senior track (Senior Officer, 2 posts/week, in this case).

4. If a tag in a Joint Post is marked as Plot Essential (or PE), than responses are expected at a quicker pace, so that the plot is not being held up. Game Management Staff are responsibile for issuing PE-status to posts and tag, and players can request a GM/AGM to place such status as need be.

Players tag'd under Plot Essential status have 4 days to respond to the tags or recieve a strike. (see below)

5. We use the three (3) Strike rule:
*1st Strike: A friendly reminder
*2nd Strike: A warning
*3rd Strike: Removal from the sim.
***A post written after strike 1 or 2 will reset the countdown back to 0***

If a player finds themselves in a situation where they are unlikely or unable to be able to post for a period of time, they may request a Leave of Absenscence (LOA) or Extended Leave of Absenscence (ELOA). LOAs grant a grace period of up to 2 weeks. ELOA are longer. Ask for one by PMing any member of the command team on the site, or on discord, or posting in discord that you need to be away from your keys for a while. The main guideline should be just to have a rough estimate of how long you'll be away. And we should encourage our crew to take leaves instead of just missing deadlines.

The Plot Essential status is being introduced as a way of keeping the main thrust of a mission from being derailed or left languishing because of absent writers. Plot Essential is both a blessing and a grave responsibility. If your character has it, they're the focus for at least the moment, if not the whole episode...but with great attention and power to shape the story, comes great responsibilities.

...and please. If you need a break, please tell the rest of us. We all need them from time to time and it let's the rest of us know if we have to write around you for the time being.

12. While usage of the BravoFleet Management System (BFMS) is not a fleet requirement, all members of the Devonshire will be required to create an account within seven (7) days of being accepted and add their character to it for use on the ship's manifest on its BFMS page. Register for BFMS at www.bravofleet.com click on 'Membership' and 'Create Account'. If you require assistance contact the CO for a copy of the BFMS User Guide, Player's Edition.

Game Management Staff:
Game Manager: "Francheszka Braxton"
Assistant Game Manager(s): "Jack Logan", "Isabelle Verhagen"

Er, this part is a tad embarrasing for me, but does count as a major rewrite, so I have to include it if I am being honest with the point of this post...the previous edition, until this morning, still only listed "Captain Micheal Wilcox" as Game Manager....it was SERIOUSLY out of date, like, from before the time I joined here as First Officer/AGM myself...soooo...yeah. All that was done here was the change in staff listing. That's it. Moving riiiiight aloooooong....

If anyone has any questions or concerns about these changes, please share them! The easiest place for such concerns to be adressed, is again, our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/x8YQThK

Thank you for your time!
-Hans, aka Commander Francheszka "Frankie" Braxton

» Updates Ahead of the New Year!

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 @ 4:21pm by Commander Francheszka Braxton, née Mackelsen in General News

I bring news from the desk of Francheska "Frankie" Braxton herself, as well as the command team here, on the Devonshire!

Firstly, it is a solemn heart that I announce that both 2Lt. Raisa Isadora and Ens. Leighton O'Connor have left the simm. 2Lt. Isadora has left over OOC issues, while Ens. Leighton O'Connor has been removed due to inactivity and non-responsiveness to hails.

Secondly, with 2Lt. Isadora gone, the Command Team has a vacancy...or rather, HAD a vacancy! "Hackhand", who has long written for the Devonshire as Squadron Leader Leo Corso, and more recently, Security Chief Isabelle Verhagen, has been granted the position for his consistent activity both IC and behind the scenes. To that end, Security Chief Verhagen is now also Second Officer of the Devonshire!


With a newly revitalized command team, comes yet more announcements!

As I am sure the playerbase is aware, we've hit a bit of a snag in finishing off "S01E01: Stomping Grounds" grand finale JPs...this in part, my fault as GM. I should've requested a LOA and give the go ahead to finish without me, as I was suffering from some health-related issues in the past months.

The easy way out would be to resign as GM, hand the simm over to Logan or Verhagen, and leave it as their problem alone to fix.

...instead, much like a broken bone that's been set and hopefully grows back stronger than it once was, I have decided to stay and deal with it head on!

For that reason, with input, editing, and a small novel's worth of discussion and debating, from the Devonshire's Managament Staff, I have written out the following plan to get us back on track ASAP.

1/ Expanding the command team of AGMs to distribute management load, making it was easier for the simm to continue in case of CO incapacitation on short/no notice. This has already begun with the promotion of a long time Devonshire member, hackhand/Leo Corso/Issy Verhagen, to second officer and AGM. Hackhand's activity has been consistent, as has his attempts to engage other crew members. DONE!

2/ More engagement with the Hawaii writers to figure out how the current mission can be wrapped up succinctly...and what the future plans might be, laid out in as much detail as possible, for the future of the Devonshire's participation in the Gorn Crisis TF-storyline. DONE/IN PROGRESS!

3/ Writing up new recruitment adverts, to drop before the end of December. This will include an emphasis on vacant senior staff positions, especially those left vacant by recent loss(es). The crew manifest has under gone some changes and the Tactical and Security departments have been seperated from each other, meaning that a Chief Tactical Officer position is on the books for those interested. DONE!

4/ Website updating: This part is a bit loose and vague on the details right now, in part because I'll be putting the full Devonshire website under a review for deadlinks, errors, retcon'd info, old or missing data entries, and possibly a graphics overhull. In particular, the tour section is still undone and the bridge could use something a bit more...uniquely Insignia-ish...than the old Galaxy-refit module. This will also be a bit of a self-help art-therapy project for myself, as I have found such editing and drawing to be calming in the past. IN PROGRESS!

5/ Re-engagement of crew! This will be started...almost immediately, if not already ongoing as of the time of reading this. There will be a concentrated effort to meet tags, start new JPs, and up posting numbers per a week. IC Crew/Captain's Logs might also be included. BEGUN!

6/ Connected to the previous points, but still notable: A review of the Devonshire's posting rules, followed by a rewrite with an emphasis on posting requirements, staff responsibilities, and a process for when either of those are not met...or for reporting when they cannot be met (due to both short term or long term RL issues). DONE! (More on this in a bit)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact anyone on the Command Staff via our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/x8YQThK or via PM on the site.

Thank you all for reading and your continued perseverance!

-Hans, aka Commander Francheszka "Frankie" Braxton

Latest Mission Posts

» First day

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 1:03pm by Commander David Braddock & Ensign Dáir Nyah

Dáir-Nyah sat on the floor with his back against a supply create looking over his PaDD reading all the available information on his destination. He had read everything he could get his hand on to prepare for this mission- and then read it all a second time just to be…

» Mommy's Turn

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Posted on Sat Jul 20th, 2019 @ 3:24pm by Lieutenant Doctor Ayasha Laith D.V.M., M.D. & Sylestia Laith C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Lieutenant JG Shenzi K'Ress

Entrusting the watching of Aisha and Stanis to a nearby nurse, Tamara motioned Shenzi to move up onto the biobed. “Okay, time to get you cleared to fly. Have you been having any complaints recently; any discomfort, pain, nausea, issues with your prosthetics?” S/he began questioning as s/he scanned the…

» Update Your Models

Mission: Episode 3: Gorn Hospitality
Posted on Wed Jul 10th, 2019 @ 10:39pm by Lieutenant Isabelle Verhagen [Braddock] & Lieutenant JG Zim zh'Zeles

[Security suite]

Isabelle frowned at the PADD in her hand, how was she supposed to do her job without vital information. =/\= Security to Intelligence, send up your first available analyst ASAP, =/\= she fired off the message and hoped it lit a fire under their gray-shirted posteriors. "Are they…

» Sharpening The Sword

Mission: Episode 3: Gorn Hospitality
Posted on Mon Jul 1st, 2019 @ 2:53pm by Chief Petty Officer Rick Vann [zh'Zheles]

Many things could be happening on a starship at any given time. Even as the hours grew late for the schedule the Devonshire maintained, the ship was still a flurry of activity. An enlisted Fleeter's life could have less free time than their officer counterparts. There were times when an…

» A Moment Alone

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Posted on Sat Jun 22nd, 2019 @ 6:09am by Lieutenant Elizabeth Grey M.D F.F.C.S

Elizabeth stood alone in the operating room aboard the Devonshire's. She was in her duty uniform, rather than scrubs, but she felt very much at home here, as she did in any operating room. She had made it a tradition, of sorts, ever since she had been a surgical intern…

Latest Personal Logs

» On the Way to Xavier

Posted on Tue Aug 28th, 2018 @ 12:49pm by Ensign Leighton O’Connor

Leighton stretched out in the shuttle's pilot seat as much as space allowed him, checked the status board one more time, yawned and addressed the computer.

“Computer, Record Personal Log- Ensign Leighton O’Connor."

“Ensign. That still sounds a bit weird. It’s been only a couple days since graduation and my…

» From Hulk to Ant-Man

Posted on Mon Mar 26th, 2018 @ 6:48pm by Ensign Johnny Terrace


Finally got the transfer I've wanted. I'm currently on a shuttle headed to the USS Devonshire where I'm to be their new Tactical Officer.

I have to admit, I'm very excited about this new assignment. Six years on the USS Vonnegut was enough for me. I hear you've been…