1. Be respectful and polite to the rest of the writers. We are all here to have fun and to expand on the Star Trek universe in our own small way. Being respectful to everyone else will help to keep things running smoothly and help everyone to better enjoy the game.

2. All members of USS Devonshire are bound by all Bravo Fleet rules as part of their Constitution and By-Laws.

3. All members of the simm are expected to maintain a basic level of activity, by posting and co-writing posts, with additional responsibilities based on a player's position in the simm. Activity is tracked by points, with certain points targets based on position. Joint post participation is worth 0.5 points, this is tracked by the GM/AGMs via tag reminders issued on the USS Devonshire discord channel. Publication of either a joint or individual post is worth 1 point to all that post's participants. Failure to reach points targets will result in a strike (see item number 5 below).

Points targets by position:
Senior Staff/Department Heads: 2 points per week
Officers/Non-Comm (Petty Officer 3rd Class & up): 1 points per week
Crewman/Cadets/Civilians: 0.5 points per weeks

Overall, all members are expected to post on average at least once every fourteen (14) days to remain active.

4. If a tag in a Joint Post is marked as Plot Essential (or PE), then responses are expected at a quicker pace, so that the plot is not being held up. Game Management Staff are responsible for issuing PE-status to posts and tags, and players can request a GM/AGM to place such status as need be. 

Players tagged under Plot Essential status have 4 days to respond to the tags or receive a strike. (see below)

5. We use the three (3) Strike rule:
*1st Strike: A friendly reminder
*2nd Strike: A warning
*3rd Strike: Removal from the simm.
***One point earned, or post written after strike 1 or 2, will reset the countdown back to 0***

If a player finds themselves in a situation where they are unlikely or unable to be able to post for a period of time, they may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) or Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA). LOAs grant a grace period of up to 2 weeks. ELOA are longer. Ask for one by PMing any member of the command team on the site, or on discord, or posting in discord that you need to be away from your keys for a while. The main guideline should be just to have a rough estimate of how long you'll be away. And we should encourage our crew to take leaves instead of just missing deadlines.

6. USS Devonshire is a 16+ rated game, therefor all members of the simm must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or older to join.

7. All adult content must be written to be appropriate to the age of the members involved in the simm. NOTE: 16+ age rating may contain mild to moderate language, Violence, etc. If you have questions about the content of your post possibly exceeding this rating, contact a member of the GM staff for clarification before submitting your post.

8. Any member of the simm found to have been lying, whether blatantly or by omission, in regards to their failure to meet the minimum age requirement will be removed and banned from the simm immediately.

9. The GM staff of are not responsible for the writing content of the games member’s, but does have and reserves the right to moderate it if it is found to not be following the simm’s rules and guidelines.

10. In any and all matters of simm content, disputes between players both in character and out that is brought to the attention of the GM staff, the GM staff has authority to act as necessary to promote the continuation of the game, a positive environment for the game’s membership, with the Game Manager having the overall last word.

11. Anyone using any other service linked to the USS Devonshire agrees to follow the rules and regulations regardless of membership status of the person using the service.

12. While usage of the BravoFleet Management System (BFMS) is not a fleet requirement, all members of the Devonshire will be required to create an account within seven (7) days of being accepted and add their character to it for use on the ship's manifest on its BFMS page. Register for BFMS at click on 'Membership' and 'Create Account'. If you require assistance contact the CO for a copy of the BFMS User Guide, Player's Edition.

Game Management Staff:
Game Manager: "David Braddock"
Assistant Game Manager(s): "Michael Wilcox"

Accepted Characters:

Currently we are accepting characters from the Federation member worlds. Non-Federation species characters must be requested and may be approved on a case by case basis by the GM staff. You may file your request via the contact form. Characters that are genetically modified, which is illegal in canon, or have “special talents or abilities” are not accepted, except under extraordinary circumstances.


Members of the simm who resign, while in good standing, may return to the simm at a later date. Every opportunity to return a former character to their former position and rank will be given. Good standing is defined as a member having no strikes against them for the previous two months prior to their resignation.

If at anytime you find something not working on the site please contact a member of the GM staff so we can fix the issue.