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Updates Ahead of the New Year!

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 @ 4:21pm by Commander Francheszka Braxton, née Mackelsen

I bring news from the desk of Francheska "Frankie" Braxton herself, as well as the command team here, on the Devonshire!

Firstly, it is a solemn heart that I announce that both 2Lt. Raisa Isadora and Ens. Leighton O'Connor have left the simm. 2Lt. Isadora has left over OOC issues, while Ens. Leighton O'Connor has been removed due to inactivity and non-responsiveness to hails.

Secondly, with 2Lt. Isadora gone, the Command Team has a vacancy...or rather, HAD a vacancy! "Hackhand", who has long written for the Devonshire as Squadron Leader Leo Corso, and more recently, Security Chief Isabelle Verhagen, has been granted the position for his consistent activity both IC and behind the scenes. To that end, Security Chief Verhagen is now also Second Officer of the Devonshire!


With a newly revitalized command team, comes yet more announcements!

As I am sure the playerbase is aware, we've hit a bit of a snag in finishing off "S01E01: Stomping Grounds" grand finale JPs...this in part, my fault as GM. I should've requested a LOA and give the go ahead to finish without me, as I was suffering from some health-related issues in the past months.

The easy way out would be to resign as GM, hand the simm over to Logan or Verhagen, and leave it as their problem alone to fix.

...instead, much like a broken bone that's been set and hopefully grows back stronger than it once was, I have decided to stay and deal with it head on!

For that reason, with input, editing, and a small novel's worth of discussion and debating, from the Devonshire's Managament Staff, I have written out the following plan to get us back on track ASAP.

1/ Expanding the command team of AGMs to distribute management load, making it was easier for the simm to continue in case of CO incapacitation on short/no notice. This has already begun with the promotion of a long time Devonshire member, hackhand/Leo Corso/Issy Verhagen, to second officer and AGM. Hackhand's activity has been consistent, as has his attempts to engage other crew members. DONE!

2/ More engagement with the Hawaii writers to figure out how the current mission can be wrapped up succinctly...and what the future plans might be, laid out in as much detail as possible, for the future of the Devonshire's participation in the Gorn Crisis TF-storyline. DONE/IN PROGRESS!

3/ Writing up new recruitment adverts, to drop before the end of December. This will include an emphasis on vacant senior staff positions, especially those left vacant by recent loss(es). The crew manifest has under gone some changes and the Tactical and Security departments have been seperated from each other, meaning that a Chief Tactical Officer position is on the books for those interested. DONE!

4/ Website updating: This part is a bit loose and vague on the details right now, in part because I'll be putting the full Devonshire website under a review for deadlinks, errors, retcon'd info, old or missing data entries, and possibly a graphics overhull. In particular, the tour section is still undone and the bridge could use something a bit more...uniquely Insignia-ish...than the old Galaxy-refit module. This will also be a bit of a self-help art-therapy project for myself, as I have found such editing and drawing to be calming in the past. IN PROGRESS!

5/ Re-engagement of crew! This will be started...almost immediately, if not already ongoing as of the time of reading this. There will be a concentrated effort to meet tags, start new JPs, and up posting numbers per a week. IC Crew/Captain's Logs might also be included. BEGUN!

6/ Connected to the previous points, but still notable: A review of the Devonshire's posting rules, followed by a rewrite with an emphasis on posting requirements, staff responsibilities, and a process for when either of those are not met...or for reporting when they cannot be met (due to both short term or long term RL issues). DONE! (More on this in a bit)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact anyone on the Command Staff via our Discord channel at or via PM on the site.

Thank you all for reading and your continued perseverance!

-Hans, aka Commander Francheszka "Frankie" Braxton


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