There's a New Sheriff in Town.

Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 4:24pm by Commander David Braddock

Hello USS Devonshire! Just a quick announcement today to mark a series of new developments with the simm. To begin with, we have a new CO, please welcome the grizzled Commander David Braddock, who will be taking over from now on as the Captain of the Devonshire. With new leadership comes a new plan for the future, there is now a new upcoming mission "Gorn Hospitality," which we will begin on May 1st 2019, after we have had a short chance to finally wrap up our business at Xavier Fleet Yards. We will be plunging headlong into the Gorn conflict, taking part in Starfleet's operation to re-conquer the Canterra system, liberate the Federation colony there, and deny it's resources to the Gorn war effort. Efforts have begun to attract new members to the sim and bolster our crew with new skillsets and personalities

There are exciting prospects in our future, and, as the new CO, I look forward very much to working with you all to build up the Dev into a strong and vibrant example of the best Bravo Fleet has to offer. I hope you all share my enthusiasm.

Good luck & best wishes, CDR Braddock



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