Ensign Johnny Terrace


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Ensign Johnny Terrace

Name Johnny Michael Terrace

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth May 1st. 2357
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois, Earth
Cabin Assignment Cabin H0311

Physical Appearance

Height 6'-7"
Weight 191 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Johnny is very tall and very fit. His eyes show years of hardship, despite his rather young age. His hair is blond and thick, but short. He has the eyes of a bear, the body of a rhino, and the voice of someone with a really deep voice. He keeps his fingernails cut and ears clean. He also has a nose, mouth, hands, feet, and all the other typical parts of a biped. Once he dyed his hair black, but it didn't last and he decided he looked better with blond hair.


Spouse Charla Penelope Terrace, deceased
Children None
Father Michael Andrew Terrace, deceased
Mother Abigail Lucille Terrace, deceased
Brother(s) One half-brother (Jakob Antony Mattarazzo)
Sister(s) No Sister(s)
Other Family three uncles, five aunts, seven cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Johnny Terrace was born in the Windy City, Chicago thirty-two years ago to two very proud parents. He graduated from high school with high honors, was a Varsity Wrestler and Varsity Basketball player, and married his high school sweetheart shortly after graduating. He spent two years at Butler University until leaving to pursue a career in Starfleet. Flash forward eleven years, he is a widower and career officer devoted to his Starfleet duties.
Strengths & Weaknesses Johnny is strong in every sense of the word. His biggest weakness, however, is his own mouth. Johnny doesn't hold back when he talks, and some people really don't like him because of that.
Ambitions Johnny's ambitions are to be the best officer he can be. He would love a command of his own some day, but for right now he's happy doing the grunt work.
Hobbies & Interests He has studied several different martial arts, but has never achieved a high ranking in them. His fighting style is very versatile, though sometimes sloppy. This is actually secondary to his real loves, gaming and writing. Johnny was a frequent visitor to an old arcade museum he and his roommate had found in San Fransisco when he was studying at the Academy. The place was called "Caesar's Palace," and had a bunch of refurbished and replicated cabinet video games and pinball. He would go there to write and study often, as the atmosphere made him very comfortable. Johnny has written several holo-novels in his spare time under the pseudonym Jeremy Bartholomew Lauden III, or sometimes just Jerry Lauden. He enjoys writing in all genres, and has no particular favorite. While he has garnered some acclaim for his work, he is still waiting for a breakout best seller; and he's always coming up with new ideas. Johnny likes dogs, hates cats, drinks like a Scot, eats like an Italian, and walks like an Egyptian. His favorite character on "Friends" is Chandler, he prefers "Holy Grail" over "Life of Brian," he doesn't care about Soccer, and his favorite Atlanta Housewife is NeNe. His favorite drink is a vodka martini, and he sings in the shower. He prefers Taco Bell over Arby's. His favorite 90s band is Barenaked Ladies, and he likes his eggs scrambled. He prefers the Cubs over the White Sox. He's right-handed.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard (English)

Personal History Johnny was born, went to school, did extracurricular activities like Basketball and Football. Wrestled in high school. And married his high school sweetheart, Charla Vanneman. When he was twenty-five he graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors and decided to get his teaching license. He never did. Four months after getting his college degree his wife died in an explosion that destroyed his house. He left Earth to pursue a career in Security and never looked back. Now he has come to terms with his wife's death, and is ready to move on. He has no idea what caused the explosion. If he did, he wouldn't be in Starfleet.
Service Record August, 2383 – Graduated Starfleet Academy

November, 2283 to November, 2388 – USS Vonnegut, Tactical Officer

November, 2388 – Request transfer from USS Vonnegut (personal reasons)

December, 2388 – Transfer granted, reassigned to USS Devonshire as Tactical Officer