Ensign Leighton O’Connor


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Ensign Leighton O’Connor

Name Leighton Seamus O’Connor

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Date of Birth 03-16-????
Place of birth Longford County, Ireland, Earth
Cabin Assignment TBD

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 1.8m
Weight 180 lbs 81.6 kg
Hair Color Dirty blonde hair
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Leighton is six foot with a medium build. He light complexioned with short light brown/dirty blonde hair. He has a slightly crooked smile.


Spouse None
Children None he is aware of.
Father Patrick Francis O’Connor
Mother Mary Riley
Brother(s) Colin, Sean
Sister(s) Mary, Colleen (deceased)
Other Family Older cousin Ian who was in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Leighton is outgoing and generally fun loving. He is excited for his first posting and looking forward to getting “out there.” He likes to socialize with friends and enjoys the pursuit of relationships. He doesn’t let anyone get too close though. This is due to the fact that he’s never completely gotten over the death of his sister who died in a shuttle crash on a trip he was supposed to go on with her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Leighton is an excellent pilot and good at improvising. He is a skilled football player and had the opportunity to “go pro” if he’d stuck with it. He can come across as cocky at times and won’t back down from a challenge. He still feels guilt and responsible for the death of his sister as well as a bit of survivor’s guilt.
Ambitions Leighton is about to fulfill his ambition of flying for Starfleet. He will soon come to the realization that he will have to decide “what’s next?”
Hobbies & Interests Flying anything, Football (soccer), Volleyball, Celtic Mythology, Socializing
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Andorian, enough Vulcan to get by and enough Klingon not to get stabbed. Also a few curse words in Romulan and Cardassian

Personal History Leighton grew up in a very small community in Ireland on Earth. From a very early age he was interested in anything fast or vehicular. From hover golf carts to racing pods, he learned how to pilot it. He was a decent student but really buckled down when he decided he wanted to join Starfleet. He failed his first entrance exam but managed to land a job ferrying shuttles and ships for the diplomatic corp. He continued to study during those couple years and gained entrance to the Academy. While there he focused on flight training and flight systems engineering. Despite a few “incident” he graduated and is awaiting his first assignment.
Service Record Fresh out of the Academy.