Lieutenant Isabelle Verhagen


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Lieutenant Isabelle Verhagen

Name Isabelle Verhagen [Braddock]

Position Starfleet Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth 7 November 2361
Place of birth Liège, Belgium
Cabin Assignment Cabin C0208

Physical Appearance

Height 167.6cm
Weight 52.16kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Isabelle, “Issie” to her close friends, is a somewhat compact woman, who often wears an intense expression. Athletic and agile she can evoke a coiled spring in the minds of onlookers, filled with barely contained energy. She works hard to meet the physical demands of her position, training her body the way a craftsman hones a weapon. There is nothing superfluous on her body, she carries no extra fat, and her lean musculature features no unnecessary bulk. Every muscle and ligament has been built up exactly as much as needed, nothing is for show. Her one extravagance is her hair, taking a liberal interpretation of the uniform guidelines she has been known to style it in all sorts of flashy arrangements, always for “cultural” reasons of course.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Arno Lemmens
Mother Anne-Marie Verhagen
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Luna Blindeman (Adoptive Mother)
Jurgen Blindeman (Uncle)
Geert Blindeman (Grandfather)
Iris Libbrecht (Grandmother)
Zoë Moreels (Grandmother)
Laurens Verhagen (Grandfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isabelle is described as “exacting” by her peers. holding herself and those who serve under her to the highest of standards. She trains and drills relentlessly and prides herself on running a department that can handle anything the universe throws at it. She can be harsh with her criticism and sparing with her praise, seeing a sharp tongue as just another training implement. For the most part she lives a lifestyle to match her on the job persona, challenge sports, high protein meals, simulated wilderness treks, she plays as hard as she works. Her detractors call her hypocritical, quick to criticise a crewman for being out of regs, while at the same time wearing an intricate alien hairstyle herself. Or, it is said that she can be a stickler for procedure when dealing with other departments, but will treat her own bureaucratic duties as a nuisance. In addition to taking great offense at such a suggestion Isabelle is quick to point out that she has a long history of standing up for the downtrodden and the marginalized. Her very motivation for joining Starfleet, she claims, was to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, to fight for liberty, equality, and community. And, if “she takes her role very seriously,” those around her ought to stop complaining and shape up she says.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Gives 110%
Gets the best from her subordinates
Ready for anything

Isabelle really does give the job her all, she is completely dedicated to doing the best she can for her shipmates and for Starfleet. She trains and keeps herself ready to ensure that when the time comes, her contribution won’t be lacking. She expects the same from her department and has learned how to “take the flab out” of a security force. She does this all so that she and the other security can do whatever they might be called on to do for the ship, and to ensure that whatever it is, they do it well.

Lacks Self-awareness

Isabelle may know a lot about getting effort out of her subordinates, but she does it almost exclusively with criticism. She won’t hesitate to bark at an underling about some minor slip-up, but just expects good performance. For her high praise is: “That wasn’t awful.” If asked she’ll say she awards real praise when it’s called for, or that she follows the rules precisely. She doesn't give much effort to filtering her thoughts, and will make her displeasure known to all and sundry if she is unhappy with any aspect of her duties. Her critics do have a point that she is happy to play with the rules for her own sake, but expects strict observance from others. She’s sometimes all thorns and no rose, and seemingly lacks the awareness to address this flaw. In addition she has quite a temper, she controls it, and in fact prides herself on never lashing out. Even if she contains her outbursts though, her temper leads her too often to act rashly.
Ambitions Ambitions: Protect the Federation, Bring the ship though it’s mission in one piece, See something that takes her breath away.
Hobbies & Interests Those who don’t know Isabelle well might be justified in expecting that her private life is as tough as her professional persona. Some even find it impossible to picture her relaxing at all. In truth she has a number of ways to unwind at the end of the day.

She carries the spark of curiosity so valued by Starfleet as an organization, and enjoys expanding her knowledge. In particular she’s interested in zoology and animal life of all sorts. She avidly studies reports coming in from biological surveys, and searches for books and documentaries on wildlife. If pressed she could rattle off an impressive stream of facts about the creatures she finds interesting. She even keeps a pet, an alien protoarticulate similar to some of the very earliest complex life of earth. She calls the creature “Gregoire” or just “Greg,” and it happens, only coincidentally, to belong to a species noted for its resistance to starvation.

In addition, something not too many people know about Isabelle is that she routinely cranks out a high score on ESP tests, quite high for a human at least. She claims to have occasionally dreamed of events before they happen, though nothing has been able to be proven so far. One result of this is that her curiosity extends to the spirituality and rituals of more psychically sensitive species. She keeps a small collection of ritual paraphernalia in her quarters and such mysticism forms another of her favorite study topics.

Isabelle enjoys playing around on the holodeck, in addition to more traditional film and theater storytelling, and she loves comics from single panel funnies, to massive, multivolume graphic novel epics. Every month like clockwork she’ll receive a sizable subspace data transmission full of fresh reading material.

And then, of course, there are those interests that one might find unsurprising, at least to one degree or another. She has studied multiple martial arts from a young age and continues to practice daily. She enjoys rock climbing and frequently attempts similar difficult and risky activities, including survival challenges in the simulated wilderness of the holodeck. Camping, hiking, and dirt biking (powered and unpowered) are popular too. She has become quite adept at cooking meat, and cooking over an open fire. And, she does indeed enjoy reading up on weapon specs, police procedures, and the latest in security equipment.

Comics, Martial Arts, Animal Life, Fossils, Film & Theater, Rock Climbing & Other Challenge Sports, Outdoorsmanship, Combat & Law Enforcement Equipment, Fitness, Grilling & Barbeque, Spirituality & Mysticism
Languages Spoken Belgian French, English, Klingon, Vulcan (semi-fluent)

Personal History Isabelle’s father left before she was ever born, expressing that he had no interest in helping to raise the child, and leaving her mother to raise her until age three. At that point her mother, Anne-Marie, began a relationship with Luna, her future stepmother. The growth of her family benefitted young Isabelle greatly, but she retained a desire to take care of herself as much as possible, and was always eager to take on more responsibility. From the earliest age she strived to be fully self reliant. Self defense classes were a natural fit for her and she took quickly to the lessons. In no time at all, fighting techniques had become a passion, and at the age of 13 Isabelle was even proclaimed regional junior jiu jitsu champion. She learned to cook for herself, organized camping trips and slept under the stars, and worked hard in school. By the age of 18 her credentials merited entry into Starfleet Academy, she took the opportunity to leave at the earliest convenience, seeing her departure as a chance for her parents to focus on their own lives. A life among the stars provided tremendous opportunities to grow, discover, and face challenges.
Service Record Isabelle did well at the academy, moving into the security track and graduating with high marks. She received her commission and immediately received her first taste of combat in the Omega Crisis of 2383. She saw the brief conflict through without incident and moved on to other postings, moving steadily up the ranks. The turning point in her career came in early 2386 with the “Cyclops incident.” While Isabelle was serving as the security officer on duty, her vessel, USS Cyclops was ambushed by an enemy force and disabled. The crew was forced to abandon ship and the Cyclops was ultimately destroyed. The attack would claim the lives of ⅓ of the entire crew. An investigation would clear Isabelle of any wrongdoing, but despite that, and ongoing counseling, she continues to blame herself, sure that if she had just been more attentive, more prepared, she could have prevented the loss of the ship. Following the incident she redoubled her efforts, wishing to make sure she could be ready next time it really counted. Through the intervening years and another promotion she served well, and quietly. Now with the fires of war burning across the beta quadrant, she waits for the true test of her abilities to come.

Starfleet Academy, Cadet, 2379-2383
USS Alexandria: Ensign, Security Officer, 2383-2385
USS Cyclops: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Security Officer-Asst. Chief Security Officer, 2385-2386
Pinnacle Station: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Security Officer, 2386-2387
USS Terinos: Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Security Officer, 2387-2388
USS Devonshire: Lieutenant, Chief Security Officer 2389