1st Lieutenant Grayson 'Gray' MacKenzie


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1st Lieutenant Grayson 'Gray' MacKenzie

Name Grayson 'Gray' MacKenzie

Position MSOC Commander

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth August 17th 2357
Place of birth Ares City Mars
Cabin Assignment A0201

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8"
Weight 162lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Grayson is a well built deceptively strong looking man in his early 30's. If asked which he almost never is, he would describe himself as a good looking male with all the right attributes. He is well muscled and well proportioned if a little shorter than he would have liked. Something that he blames genetics for more than anything else. You would not know just by looking at him that he was born female.


Spouse Lt. Sam Ashton (Male) married five years (Fighter pilot)
Children Deacon (Son age 3)
Alice (Daughter age 3)
Both biologically his and Sam's
Father David MacKenzie (Age 69) School teacher on Mars
Mother Francis MacKenzie (Age 65) Renowned Martian artist
Brother(s) Thomas MacKenzie (Diplomatic Aid) Age 33
Sister(s) Sarah Johnston (Chef) Age 25

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally a friendly approachable kind of guy, who meets most people with a smile and a warmness that hides the fact he likes big guns and even bigger explosions. Somethings as he would tell you are just perks of being a marine. Gray's a bit of a talker, he doesn't like pregnant silence's and he particularly doesn't like having people feeling awkward around him. Has a bit of a sense of humor and enjoys the occasional practical joke to keep the mood light and airy when things are tough among any department or team he has ever been a part of. He is not someone who angers easily but then he does say that he has no surviving enemies which more than suggests that if you annoy him enough he will get even with you and settle the score. He is not the most conventional officer in the world and has been known to take chances with his own life and asked the same of others when the needs have arisen. He is not someone who has ever shied away from making a tough decision at the expense of others and himself but hates making such calls and like marines of old firmly believes the motto never leave a man or woman or it behind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Athletically gifted (Played tennis and baseball as well as ran cross country in the academy and during high school. Can and often doesn't enjoy competing against men when given the opportunity)Mu
Multilingural (Has a thing for learning Earth languages)

It infuriates him when people assume that because he was born female he is incapable of competing with male members of his team during training exercises.
Isn't quite as strong as people assume he is, when they do not know that he is a transmale.
Phobia of transporters (Hates the damn things, will take a shuttle or fly by jet pack if it means he can avoid the transporter room.)
Hobbies & Interests Reading (Collects 21st century classics ((First editions)) his quarters does have an assortment of them.
Holo programme programming. (Designs some of his own games and on occasion he designs simulations for training exercises to keep his team on their toes. He is skilled in the subject but could never make a living doing it.)
Sketching (Picked up some skills in drawing and painting from his mother, will often be seen sketching in the officers lounge or some where similar or planet side. It helps him to relax)
Languages Spoken English, French, German, Italian, Portugese

Personal History Born Jessica MacKenzie or Jess to her friends in the year 2357 Grayson MacKenzie understood that from an early age their was something not quite right about what he was feeling or how he was feeling. Often looking on himself in a way that most people did not see him. He was never particularly comfortable in his body as a kid, wearing baggy often gender non specific clothing, preferring jeans to dresses much to the dismay of his mother and father. Grayson was a tom boy and preferred the latest boys toys to the stuff that he and his sister shared growing up. His parents did encourage all of their children to explore the people they wanted to be and the person that they were, so it was a little bit of a shock when the counsellor assigned to him as a child came to them with the news that their daughter was in fact identifying herself as male. The conversation was heated and his parents did not want to believe the counsellor. It wasn't that they hated the idea, it was that they didn't want life to be difficult for their daughter and thus did not want to admit that their might be a name for this.

At the age of sixteen Jessica started to transition to the person that he is today, changing his name legally from Jessica to Grayson though many including his own family would call him Gray and he was okay with that. The first time he wore mens clothing as a male was a revelatory moment for him, seeing himself in the mirror his hair short and the first touches of stubble on his face made the teenager extremely happy. As if something at long last felt right in him and that his body looked the way that he wanted it to look. Grayson did not have it all easy, some people saw him as a freak giving him a hard time. He found a home among the non Humans at the schools he attended finding them more accepting in places anyway of concepts such as transgender. The first time he met a Hermat he found the species fascinating, to have a species that in and of itself were a trans species, male and female in the same body. His first partner was a Hermat at the academy though the concept of one partner to said Hermat was quite foreign the two remain good friends.

Grayson deferred his first acceptance to the Marine officer candidate school, choosing to complete his transition in his eighteenth year. Starfleet however and the marine core were eager to get their hands on the man and so at the age of nineteen he set foot for the first time in his life on Earth. A year older than most of the people in his year at the academy, Grayson though fought for the respect of his peers like any other cadet and worked as hard if not harder than any of his other male candidates to proof to himself if no one else that he belonged among the men and women of his class. Grayson excelled at the academic side of training but sometimes struggled in the physical nature of the training. It was a fellow cadet and his best friend in later years that helped him through, in exchange for pushing him in the physical elements and heavy lifting, Tallen Brockminster got himself a tutor for the academics. Someone who could help him through some of the tougher elements of training.

Sam Ashton was a happy mistake, they hooked up at the end of year party for third year cadets. Sam a fighter pilot in training, Grayson a grunt and happy to play the part. Sam did not at first realise that Grayson was trans, the two were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off. A drunken fumble in the rose garden may or may not have taken place and Sam quickly learned that Grayson wasn't quite the complete male that he thought Grayson was. Romance was no instantly seeked by either, they remained friends with benefits for some time but towards the end of their training they confirmed what many of their friends thought was true.

Grayson took assignment on a ship as a junior officer he felt like he had a lot to proof but with the war officially over he found it harder to show people that he was worthy of the rank he held. No war and he felt like he was a marine with not much more to do than deal with the occasional skirmish. He buckled down however and worked hard to make himself the best he could be at what he did, taking enjoyment out of the simple pleasure of drills and the occasional skirmish. Usually helping security was the duty that he least enjoyed, getting hell for being a marine is not his idea of a good time. Grayson was doing fine moving through the rank and file becoming a detachment xo before being recruited for special assignment. Hostage rescue and retrieval and the like, if normal marine duties were interesting HRT was when he really started to get a kick out of his job and the sense of duty that came with it.

Starting a family was something that had always been a hot topic with him and Sam, he had kept his female internal genatalia meaning that conceivably he could carry a child to term if that was something that he wanted to do. The problem was no one wanted a marine that was pregnant on the front lines doing any duty that involved him putting himself in harms way. So pretty much any job. The couple married just after Sam's 28th birthday on Mars in front of both of their families. Sam's having travelled from Alpha Centauri or attending from what ever ship they happened to be stationed on. It was a conventional wedding by most people's standards with their own vows. It would be a year later that the deed would be confirmed as being done and so Grayson was forced to take a desk job at the Marine facility on Cestus III. As much as he loved having kids with the love of his life he truly hated being assigned to a desk for the duration of said pregnancy. Kept on light duties on medical grounds he became an oddity around the compound. The twins were born Deacon then Alice almost 12 minutes apart, one either side of midnight. Sam was present for the births and the two spent some happy time together as new parents before duty called and Sam had to leave his young family behind. Grayson chose to take some time off and return to Mars so he would be close to his and Sam's family where he could get the help he would need to raise twins.

Grayson returned to active duty just after the first birthday of the twins, the twins would spend time with their grandparents until such time as they would be able to join one of their parents or both of their parents on board a ship equipped to deal with families. Grayson recently underwent further training before joining his most recent ship the Devonshire and the MASCRO team that the commanding officer was putting together. Ready for his next challenge Grayson knows he is sacrificing bringing up the children he gave life to, to do the job that he loves.

Service Record 2376-2380: Attends Starfleet academy where he commences training as a marine. Life at the academy while academically sound was not easy going, trainers and trainees a like noted that Grayson sometimes struggled with the more physical aspects of the male officer training courses. Graduates in the top ten percent of his year and accepts commission to 2nd Lt.

2380-2382: USS Berlin Junior officer. Spent his first tour on the Berlin out on border patrol along the Breen border patrol

2382-2383; Reassigned to special training facility on recommendation of commanding officer. Marries Sam Ashton at christmas 2383 after completeion of special training.

2383-2385: Assigned to Rapid response team delta. A group designed to respond quickly and decisively to on going threats within and without the federation borders. Promoted during this time to 1st Lt and named team xo. Cited for bravery during minor skirmish with Gorn forces.

Late 2385 - 2386: Assigned to Cestus III military facility following discovery of his pregnancy. Assumes light duties for duration of his pregnancy.

2386-2387: Takes an extended leave of absence from the fleet after the birth of the twins and returns to his native Mars.

Early 2388- Returns to active duty and resumes training on Cestus III where his young family is now based. Takes on MARSOC training and excels.

2389: Assigned to USS Devonshire as the ships new MARSOC Commanding officer.