Lieutenant JG Shenzi K'Ress


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Lieutenant JG Shenzi K'Ress

Name Shenzi K'Ress

Position Javelin Flight Leader

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian/Kzinti
Age 29
Date of Birth February 29 2360
Place of birth Diogenes, civilian owned Crossfield Class

Physical Appearance

Height 78 in
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color red
Physical Description She is an athletic and attractive woman. She has a scar on her face, several on her body, and a mechanical arm. Inside, she has several mechanical organs, including her twin hearts. These mechanical augmentations are the result of only just barely surviving being inside an exploding starfighter. She has telepathic abilities inherited from her father.


Spouse Husband, Caitian, Stanis. Deceased (2388)
Children Daughter, Aisha. 7
Father Walker-of-Minds. Kzinti telepath
Mother Rayash. Caitian.
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Stal K'Ress, uncle. Captain of the USS Tirpitz
Rayn K'Ress, aunt. Captain of the USS Richilieu

Personality & Traits

General Overview A strong willed young woman, but hurting inside, Shenzi can be reserved, even withdrawn. She is usually quiet, not speaking to her crewmates more than she needs to, and keeping to herself. The recent loss of her husband eats away at her, and has made her rather distant towards her daughter as well, but she still loves her very much. Though perhaps cold on the outside, Shenzi can be friendly and personable when she opens up to people, joking with her friends and showing a more approachable side to herself. She remains strong hearted, and carries a sense of duty, she will still do what is necessary, and will never turn her back on those she cares about.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Hard Working

-drinks a lot
-blames herself for her husbands death
Ambitions Shenzi wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy, and also wants to set a good example for her daughter
Hobbies & Interests Reading, botany, reading to her daughter, TTRPG
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Kzinti, Caitian

Personal History Shenzi was born on board an old Crossfield class starship that had gotten into civilian hands after being retired. She was an only child. From an early age she showed an interest in flying. Her life on the ship was pleasant, and she grew up around humans, being one of the very few non-humans on board. Shenzi's telepathic abilities surfaced when she was 13, and her father, not really present in her life, took a sudden interest in helping her abilities grow, as well as teaching her the Kzinti language. When she was 16, she joined Starfleet Academy, and this was the first time she set foot (paw?) on a planet. She graduated in the top 1% her class as a fighter pilot, and was assigned to an Akira class carrier, the USS Shinano. She later met a Caitian, a fighter maintenance chief, who would become her husband, and the two had a daughter. She went on family leave when she became pregnant, and was reassigned to the Zuikaku when she was ready to return to duty. In mid 2388, when she was flying a mission, she got into a dogfight with several pirate fighters and managed to shoot them down with the help of her squadron mates. However, she had taken a hit, and was ordered to eject. She tried, but damaged the ejection mechanism in her panic, and then followed the next order to bring it in for a crash landing. Upon landing on the deck, her husband rushed in to try and get her out. He managed to pop the canopy when the craft exploded, killing him and maiming Shenzi. She made a full recovery after getting the mechanical replacements. Shortly after recovering, she got into an altercation with a superior officer over a grossly prejudiced comment in regards to her late husband. In the following court martial, she was demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and reassigned to the USS Devonshire.
Service Record 2376-Joins starfleet academy
2379-graduates to be a fighter pilot. Rank:Ensign
USS Shinano: 2379 - 2383
-promoted to LtJG 2381
Returns to the Diogenes for family leave 2382 - 2384
USS Zuikaku 2384 - 2389
- promoted to LT in 2385
- demoted to LtJG in 2389
USS Devonshire 2389-

confirmed kills in dogfights: 69