Chief Petty Officer Rick Vann


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Chief Petty Officer Rick Vann

Name Rick Andrew Vann [zh'Zheles]

Position Gunner's Mate

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth 6/30/2354
Place of birth Turkana IV
Cabin Assignment Cabin F0317

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 260 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown


Spouse None
Children Danny Vann (13)
Father Lionel Jay Vann
Mother Karla Smythe Vann
Brother(s) Lt. JG Nate Vann (26) Flight Control Officer - USS Augusta
Sister(s) Sara Vann (20) Medical Student
Other Family Col. Marcus Smythe (52) Retired SFMC Pilot

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Rick is large and physically imposing. He's very strong, but isn't much of a runner. His mind is his best asset. Chief Vann is a strategist. An analytical mind studies the world around him. Rick has calmed down in his 30s. His temper is non-existent, with daily meditation playing a key role in this. Some mock him or simply fail to take his talk of 'zen' or 'nirvana' seriously.

The temper is still there, though the Chief has been great at keeping it tucked away. He's a very passionate person. This means he can be easily led by his emotions. Rick also has a constant need to be entertained.
Ambitions Rick can't help but notice missed opportunities. He'd love to go to Starfleet Academy as an officer cadet. Too much time has passed. His career has stalled slightly. He first held a Gunner's Mate position in 2380. He's added operations and shuttle piloting to his training set. There are still only so many opportunities for someone in his rate.

CPO Vann hopes to keep advancing up the enlisted ranks in the hopes of becoming a ship's Chief of the Boat. The Chief enjoys time on the bridge and hopes to man tactical positions for at least a few shifts each week.

Chief Vann enjoys training in the sport of Anbo-Jyutsu. He'd like to fight competitively if he could. Besides sports and his career, Rick also wishes he could improve the relationship with his son and ex wife.
Hobbies & Interests -Starfleet Equipment & Technology
-Intergalactic Politics
-Dramatic Holonovels
-Unique Music
-Alien Food & Drink
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Rick Vann was born on Turkana IV. It was a violent place, one Rick's parent's couldn't stand to let him grow up under. He was sent on the next Federation ship and ferried to an orphanage on Mars. He found a love for exploration while working on a sprawling, rural farm. Young Rick had dreams of being a science officer on a grand starship. Botany would be his calling.

A few subjects kept him out of the Academy, namely mathematics. His entry score was close. A recruiter talked Rick into enlisting. Within a year, he found himself stationed on a Steamrunner starship. Ship life meant a lot of maintenance. Enlisted rank meant late shifts. There wasn't a lot of time to himself. Rick had never been used to having things easy and soon excelled in his basic tasks.

In 2378, A young Vann found himself deploying against the C'hakilians with Task Force 21. It was the first time he found himself fighting on a small unit team for a prolonged time. Rick worked with Security, Intelligence and Medical personnel. The time left a mark on the young fleeter, changing him for life.

After an incident, which has been removed from his record, Rick was moved to a transporter chief spot. Rumors say he lost it on a mission. The records have been destroyed. It has been a long time since then. Chief Vann has spent the last three years aboard Starbase 10. His main role was Gunner's Mate, manning one tactical station of many.

When the Hobus star went hyper nova, Chief Vann was flexed onto a shuttle crew. He helped to evacuate a populace he'd been trained not to trust.

Service Record 2377: Starfleet Academy - Basic Training, Advanced Tactical Enlisted Course
2377 - 2379: USS Illustrious - Tactical Crewman
2379 - 2380: USS Illustrious - Transporter Chief
2380 - 2382: SB 718 - Gunner's Mate
2382: SB 718 - Advanced Operations Enlisted Course
2383 - 2385: USS Virginia - Quartermaster
2385-2386: USS Virginia - Gunner's Mate
2386 - 2389: SB 10 - Gunner's Mate, Shuttle Pilot
2389 - Present: Gunner's Mate: USS Devonshire