Ensign Dáir Nyah


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Ensign Dáir Nyah

Name Dáir Nyah

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species A'kin
Age 26
Date of Birth April 7th 2363
Place of birth Crouta a small planet in the Beta Renner system

Physical Appearance

Height 158 cm
Weight 54.4 kg
Hair Color Black hair and white mane
Eye Color Teal
Physical Description Dáir-Nyah presents a rather meek figure since he is quite short, although average for his kind, and he walks with his shoulders hunched and his gaze generally lowered. While he is far from being muscular he is generally fit and healthy giving him a very lean body type. He keeps his dark hair short and well-trimmed in an attempt to look formal but his mane is longer and often looks unkempt. He has light red and brown spots, varying in size, leading from around his eye socket and around his temple.

The A'kin are distant relatives of the Anticans and like them have some animistic traits like their long sharp teeth, acute sight, and they prefer a carnivorous diet. Unlike the Anticans, the A'kin have humanoid hands and less fur along their face and bodies. They have a long track of fur starting at the hairline and growing along the middle of the scalp and down the back often ending around the tail bone. This length of fur is called a mane and the hairs will react and stand up away from the skin when the A'kin feel threatened or angry.


Father Bálen-Sash
Mother Nyah-Koven
Sister(s) Avani-Nyah

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Dáir-Nyah can be quite quiet and, to a point, shy, he is very excitable when it comes to his work and especially when given the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge. When left to his own devices he will throw himself into his studies and lose track of everything else. This can lead to him being a bit disorganized and scatterbrained. When studying or learning about another person's culture or beliefs he can get so caught up in his own curiosity that he fails to take into consideration if his questions could be over-bearing or even insulting.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Studies a lot, perseverance, and tries to be kind.
Dáir-Nyah loves to learn and is quite studious, hoping to prove himself in the science field. He is quite dedicated to his job and to his hobbies. When he finds something that interests him, he can become a bit obsessive or passionate about that thing. He goes out of his way to be considerate and kind to others.

- Timid and doesn’t believe in his own abilities
Dáir-Nyah can be quite timid and unsure of himself. He doesn't believe that he is a leader and doesn't always react well out of his general comfort zone. He doubts his own abilities occasionally and often thinks he should be more capable and outgoing then he is. These high expectations can be beneficial to motivate him but tends to make him feel frustrated.

Ambitions Dáir-Nyah's general ambition in life is to learn. He is quite interested in learning as much as he can about the different life forms living throughout the galaxy no matter how big or small. He hopes to someday help develop the biggest digital museum of culture and religions from the known galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests His major hobbies involve creating holosuite adventure programs, making figures out of metals or clay, but when he wishes to be more active he loves a good game of springball or a jog through a holosuite environment.

his professional interests include microbiology, anatomy, and cultural studies.
Languages Spoken Native language of Crouta, Federation standard, Ferengi

Personal History Dáir-Nyah was born in the Omian savanna on Crouta. He was born in one of the smaller tribes away from the hustle and bustle of a more technological life. His mother, a ceremonial hunter, preferred to raise her children away from technology until they were older. Because of this decision, Dáir-Nyah spent many of his younger years running through the grasslands and trying to keep up with his athletic sisters. He discovered his love of studying life forms when his sisters - in an attempt to scare him - told him about microscopic life living in water and all around them. He was fascinated by the concept of a living organism so unlike themselves which kickstarted his desire to study biology. He always did fairly well in his studies and dreamed of getting to travel the galaxy and learn about strange life forms.
Because of his timid nature, most of his family did not think he would travel off world and the idea of him traveling the galaxy was nearly laughable but their doubt in him strengthened his resolve, spearheaded his desire, and pushed him to join Starfleet Academy.
His first hurdle came when Starfleet Academy required he partake in a cultural exchange program before officially joining Starfleet Academy. While he was excited for the opportunity he was unsure about this detour in his plans. He refused to be dissuaded he decided to sign up to work on a Ferengi trade vessel Dussooron, to learn more about what life would be like on a starship. The choice of where he served was up to him and he chose the Ferengi ship because Ferenginar wasn’t all that from Crouta which allowed him to make a few trips back home. During his time with the Ferengi Dáir-Nyah learned a lot about their culture, language, food, but most importantly- that he didn’t have the lobes for business. He spent the majority of his time on the Dussooron familiarizing himself with life on a starship, how to use a lot of the Ferengi technology, and he was taught how to fix and maintain certain functions of the ship.
After his time learning from the Ferengi he reapplied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted! He spent 4 years in Starfleet Academy mostly studying the sciences, but this is also where he learned more about programming and just how enjoyable that could be.
Out of Starfleet Academy, he was bounced between assignments, the U.S.S. Devonshire is his first long term assignment.
Service Record Graduated from the academy in 2389 majoring in Exobiology and zoology as well as minoring in archaeology
Out of Starfleet Academy, Dáir-Nyah bounced between assignments and did a number of small studies until being given the opportunity for his first long term assignment on the U.S.S Devonshire.

Notes Species information
The A’kin are a distant relative of the Anticans who live on the planet Crouta on the outskirts of the Beta Renner system close to Ferengi space. It is unclear if the A’kin were able to make faster technological advancements, compared to their Antican cousins, because of their involvement with the Ferengi or because they were removed from the conflicts with the Selay. The A’kin do not pretend to be allies of the Selay but have stayed clear of any involvement with their species. Crouta has some trade agreements with the Anticans and have a standing peace treaty with their people. Crouta itself has many large and technologically advanced cities where a large portion of its population live but also has some wild undeveloped lands and tribal villages. Many of the A’kin try to distance themselves from their tribal roots and predatory nature but there are still small groups of A’kin people who live out their lives away from technology preferring to rely more on their natural strength and ingenuity.
While the Anticans may have failed in their attempts to join the United Federation of Planets the A’kin had a much better chance seeing as they refrained from eating other delegates. The A’kin joined the United Federation of Planets in the year 2360. Crouta is best known for its natural resources and precious metals.
The ruling government consists of 12 elected leaders from different sectors of the planet who sit together on a counsel to decide crouta’s laws and future.

The A’kin being a predatory species have very sharp and pointed teeth for a carnivorous diet. Their stomachs are very strong and can digest nearly anything organic from fruits to bones so while many A’kin prefer a fresh meat diet it is not necessary.
There is evidence that many thousands of years ago the A’kin had claws much like their Antican cousins and could run much faster on all fours but this is no longer the case. While the A’kins nails may be somewhat more pointed than some species they are not as menacing as they had once been.
The A’kin have also lost most of their fur. The only remaining fur an A’kin is born with is their mane which is a long track of fur growing along the center of their scalp and down their back ending at the tail bone. This fur always grows in white no matter the A’kins natural hair color. The fur grows quite slowly and is quite sensitive to the touch. When a A’kin is aggravated or fearful the fur stands on end to present a bigger frame.
The A’kin have light brown and red spots along their skin in various places. Some only have a few spots and others are simply covered in them depending on their genetics.
Female A’kin are born stronger and bigger than the manes averaging at heights of 190-200 cm while the males average 158-170 cm. The female’s bigger size and strength lead to them having most of the power in previous generations but recent years have led to attempting more equality (though the global leaders are all still females).
The A’kin have bonding pacts between males and females who wish to live together and create a home together. The bonding pact can be broken if the male and female wish but many remain in those pacts for life. With the pact in place, it is somewhat expected that the male maintains the home and raise any of the female’s offspring. It is expected of the female to provide anything her mate or offspring may need. The bonding pairs do not always have children together. Some females will prefer to have her offspring with other males and then raise them with the bonded male. This is a common practice.
A’kin honor their mothers and this leads to how their young are named. A’kin children are given their personal name and then it is hyphened with the child’s mothers name. (for example, Dáir is his given personal name and Nyah is his mother's name. When addressed in a professional setting he is called