On the Way to Xavier

Posted on Tue Aug 28th, 2018 @ 12:49pm by Ensign Leighton O’Connor

Leighton stretched out in the shuttle's pilot seat as much as space allowed him, checked the status board one more time, yawned and addressed the computer.

“Computer, Record Personal Log- Ensign Leighton O’Connor."

“Ensign. That still sounds a bit weird. It’s been only a couple days since graduation and my orders came in fast. Conn Officer, USS Devonshire. Depart from Utopia Planetia, ferry a shuttle to Xavier station, switch shuttlecraft and rendezvous with the Devonshire. I don’t have too much of a layover at Xavier if I’m to make the scheduled time for meeting the Devonshire but I think I should have a few hours on the station. I’m looking forward to catching up with Jen, since I haven’t seen her since she graduated a year ago and was posted out here. Actually, I wasn’t sure she’d still want to see me, with the way things ended. I’ll admit it, sometimes I’m an idiot. It was a relief when she responded and agreed to grab some food on my stop over. Hopefully, I don’t blow it and nothing comes across the wrong way. She’s a great person and if I can swing it I’d like to make things right. I’ve never been very successful at staying friends with exes but who knows, maybe I’m maturing.”

Leighton shifted in his seat and as if to remind him contrary what was left of his “burns” shot a pain through his left arm. It had been almost a week and a half they were almost completely gone, but sometimes the right movement would be a reminder.

“auh. Right. Maybe not. Anyway, then on to the Devonshire. Honestly, I suppose I’m a bit nervous. Simulators, shuttles and training ships are one thing… But this girl’s the real thing. Still, I’m sure I’ll have time to get up to speed. I’m probably cursing myself but what are the chances I’ll get thrown right into the fray? I should’ve spent some time checking out the ship and personnel. I wonder who the Senior Conn Officer is anyway. I hope it’s somebody decent. Or the XO, or Capt. Braxton for that matter. Not that I’ll probably see them much to start with. I imagine I’ll be “graveyard” shift as the newbie. Still, that should give me the chance to really learn the systems.”

Alarms started blaring and the shuttle forcibly dropped from warp.

“Whoa, what the…Computer, End log.”