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Opening night at the operating theater

Posted on Sat Sep 28th, 2019 @ 6:29pm by Commander David Braddock & Lieutenant Doctor Ayasha Laith D.V.M., M.D. & Sylestia Laith C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: 1/25/2389
Tags: Sylestia Laith, Sylestia

David stepped up to the entrance to sickbay, and peered through the door, catching a glimpse of busy work going on inside. The space had been filled with casualties both Federation and Gorn only nine days ago, but things seemed to have already returned mostly to normal. As normal as things could be under the circumstances, there was a new Chief Medical Officer, one who had come aboard almost as recently as he had. Now it was vital to see if things were settling into place, any issues in sickbay could incur a serious cost to the crew. He used his commbadge to announce himself, =/\=Commander Braddock to Lieutenant Laith, I need to see you at the entrance to sickbay.=/\=

Ayasha cringed. S/he would have to nip that in the rump quickly. Only hir professors and colleges had to call hir by hir actual surname. Doctor Tamara was indisposed at the moment; s/he was presently laying in hir quadruped form inside the surgical biobed receiving some test scans for a diagnostic. S/he tried to figure out how to get out of the commander’s request, but nothing was coming to mind. Although the truth never hurt. S/he made a chortling noise at the attending medical officer near-by. The responded and s/he tried to indicate hir collar and universal translator near-by. Due to their discussions in advance the MO knew what was required of them. They brought the collar over by hir mouth and pressed it to activate it.

=/\=Uh… commander, I’m rather indisposed at the moment, but you’re more than welcome to join me by the surgical biobed.=/\= Most beastinoids could not capable of verbal communication when they were in their quadruped form, but thanks to an invention by a famous Caninoid, they were able to mostly use the vocalizations and body language they could do and channel it through a UT. This had the drawback of making the doctor sound like the computer however; particularly since hir own voice was rather androgynous.

=/\= I’m on a tight schedule Doctor, if you can speak right now, I won’t put off our meeting, =/\= David answered, stepping through the transparent doors into the treatment space, and moving over to the surgical area. Not finding an officer in the area, he cast about seeing only an animal resting on the bed. “Doctor?” he called.

Meanwhile a female thylacinidae emerged from the CMO’s office and approached the human and began investigating the various scents he brought with him.

=/\= Forgive me captain, I did not realize I had a meeting scheduled with you, we are in the middle of recalibrating the surgical biobed. How may I help you?=/\= The being laying on hir side on the table lifted hir head.

“Doctor Laith I presume?” David asked, eyebrow quirked as he looked down at the being resting in front of him. The creature looked to his eyes like a large autumn-colored cat, with a big head and big paws, it had a pointed face, and pointed ears, with a long, athletic-looking body, long graceful legs, and a fluffy ringed tail. “I’m sorry if this is sudden, but we ship out tomorrow, so I can’t always wait for the right time. I need to talk to you about your departure preparations, is Medical ready for us to leave?”

“Or, are you Doctor Laith?” David looked down to question the Dog-like animal that was investigating his feet. “I’m sorry, but I haven’t had a chance to read your full dossier yet, so if either of you could help me out, I’d be thankful.”

The thylacinidae stretched up, walking her forelimbs up Braddock’s leg, and reaching her right paw up the furthest as if trying to reach up for a paw/handshake.

“I suppose it’s not you then,” David mused, he was familiar with the dog-like behavior and didn’t expect it from a Starfleet officer who still possessed the powers of speech.

Doctor Tamara did not still possess the powers of speech – at least none any humanoid could understand. S/he was indeed using a universal translator. A slight feline/panda chirp came from across the room over by the feline-looking being. Berated the other, playful wolf-like quadruped hopped down and slinked away, something like a whine coming from her. =/\=I’m sorry for the confusion Commander, my therapy assistant was just having a bit of fun. Please, call me Doctor Tamara. I’m over here with my PA (physician’s assistant) she’s my hands at the moment.=/\= Tamara gave a slight furry smile. =/\=I think we’re still waiting on one more medical officer actually. Another ‘beastinoid,’ I think… a full Ailurian if memory serves. One Doctor Kesri Elthia Tamara.=/\=

“So, short one medical officer, how are your stores of supplies looking? Are newly arrived officers integrating alright with the existing medical crew? I know the department was recently tested in a mass casualty situation, but with all the new variables, do you feel they’re ready to do it again if needed?” David questioned, turning his attention back to the doctor.

=/\=Well I haven’t been here myself all that long, shir, so I haven’t had a chance to meet and evaluate everyone, but we’re all professions, I’m sure we can manage.=/\= Tamara purred with some cat-like chirping and other vocalizations in the background.

“Alright then, if you feel you can get a handle on the department quickly enough, I’ll trust your judgement, for now.” David summed up. “If there’s nothing else you feel the need to go over with me, I’ll be going.”

“Actually, captain, I was going to bring this up with Ops. but since I have you here…” Doctor Tamara retrieved a crate of tricorders and plopped them disappointedly on the nearest biobed, one bounced out and clattered noisily to the floor. “I ordered a carton of the new model of medical tricorders, and instead I received these.” S/he held one up, it was huge compared to today’s standards. “These are at least three decades out of date; they’re not even medical tricorders to boot, they’re standard ones. I hope we’re not expecting heavy casualties – where are we going – between now and by the time we get there.” S/he tried not to sound too grim, s/he knew it wasn’t his fault. S/he struggled to try and think of something a little lighter-hearted to say. “At least we didn’t get surplus models circa 2250s.”

Meanwhile in the back of the CMO’s office on a cushion on the floor the thylacinidae sensed something from ‘mommy,’ and poked her head up wondering if everything was alright. She slowly slinked back out into the main room and wandered over to investigate.

“I’ll see what I can scrounge from the supply convoy and the Fleet Yards,” David offered. “I would also suggest that you speak to engineering about this, they may be able to adapt these…antiques with some more modern components to suit your purposes.”

“Thank you, captain, I’ll take that into consideration. I’ll talk to engineering and see what we come up with. It might especially be fun with the recent trend these days by some races toward ‘retro fashion.’”

The thylacinidae gave a low yip and pressed into Doctor Laith’s left paw-hand affectionately, receiving instant gratification with some scritchies. Physical contact notwithstanding the pair were regardless still able to exchange a brief silent communication mentally.

Ayasha smiled down at hir love. “Thank you little one.” S/he looked back to the commander. “We’ve also been having some issues with security and some other personnel.”

“Issues, such as?” David prodded.

Laith just looked down at the thylacinidae, forgetting Braddock might not know who she was. “She is having issues gaining access to many areas of the ship without me.”

“Your therapy animal?” David asked for clarification.

The thylacinidae gave a light, but nonthreatening, grumble; she could understand what was being said, even if she couldn’t speak it. She understood the intent of ‘animal’ in this case, and it was meant as something less, more feral. ~Who does he think he is?~

~Peace, little one, you know many of the peoples of the Federation are still getting used to the idea of the type and variants of life forms The Circus Starsystem has to offer.~

“Captain, I apologize, I think therein lies the problem. She is not just an ‘animal.’ She is from the same system I am from. She has simply not had her first change yet.”

~Then introduce us, ‘mom.’~

~Hush, don’t interrupt.~ Tamara continued. “Perhaps you’re aware of some of the lifecycle of a Beastinoid?”

“I’m aware, that they have long, Vulcan-like, lifespans and that they possess limited shapeshifting abilities. There was a note in the file about psychic potential, but that was all I saw about unusual biology.” David explained – so much of taking over the Devonshire was a rush, and he’d spent his limited time studying his crew’s psychological assessments rather than familiarizing himself with every species on board; that would come later.

Doctor Tamara smiled, “well, sir, there’s a little more to it than that…” s/he went on to briefly explain the feral birth, and momentous first change. Finishing up by explaining, “Sylestia hasn’t grown into her bipedal form yet, but due to the rate of neural development of the Thyla, they have a tremendous capacity to learn quickly and retain things you’ve taught them. She’s as intelligent as any other person with the mind of the average 28-year-old humanoid. She should be treated like one where appropriate.”

“So you’re a member of Starfleet as well then Ms. Sylestia?” Braddock spoke to her again, not wanting to insult her by assuming she couldn’t speak just because she wasn’t humanoid.

Sylestia wagged her tail. She was excited she was starting to be treated like anyone else… at least by the captain. She offered a canid-like smile, but it soon changed as her ears drooped, and she looked down and away; embarrassed. She then looked hopeful as she exchanged thoughts with Doctor Tamara.

“Excuse the interruption Captain, but Sylestia is wondering if it would be alright if she made telepathic contact for communication. She seems to have left her ‘voice-badge’ at home.”

“I don’t see a problem.” Braddock approved.

Sylestia was so excited to be heard for herself by someone other than ‘mommy.’ ~So you in a way I am a member of Starfleet and in a way I’m not. I’ve completed my planet’s space-fleet camp, and have earned the right to apply for the Officer Exchange Program, so here I am. I’m like a semi-permanent member of OX-fleet.~

“Is that so?” Braddock responded, “and you’re having trouble accessing parts of the ship? Which sections?”

In her excitement of being able to talk to a non-telepath for the first time, Sylestia forgot momentarily that Braddock might not be used to the flow of consciousness ‘Beastinoids’ sometimes shared. She sent over a torrent of images and experiences she’d had, including images of location signs on doors, faces of those who’d confronted ‘mommy’ about hir ‘pet’ – even though Sylestia was even vested, as a precaution, as a ‘service animal’ – and talking about her in the third person and as though she weren’t there. The images weren’t enough to cause a non-telepath harm but may have been difficult for someone not used to this form of communication to parse.

“Um, I’m not sure I understand, but I can make sure that you have access to the same areas as any medical staffer, and that the crew knows you’re Dr. Laith’s assistant. That’s the most I can do without giving you special treatment.” Braddock offered, one hand moving up to rub his temple as he attempted to sort through the new information circulating around his brain.

Sylestia made a happy animalistic nose, tail wagged, and licked Braddock on the hand until he lifted it away.

Tamara smiled. “I don’t think Sylestia is looking for special treatment, she just wants to be treated as if she were any other sentient species with all the rights and privileges of any-being. She shouldn’t need to be escorted or leashed either.”

“Well, some areas require all personnel to be escorted, but I promise I will make sure Sylestia is treated like any other member of the crew,” Braddock summed up. “Is there anything else you want to bring up?”

The pair looked between each other, and shared a telepathic moment, then Tamara smiled, “other than Sylestia’d like to know if she can communicate telepathically with you anytime she needs to, but otherwise no.”

"The same protocols as verbal speech still apply, we're still members of an organization. But, if she prefers to converse with me telepathically that's perfectly acceptable," Braddock answered. "Now I have other priorities to attend to, but my door is open to members of my crew, and especially the senior staff."


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