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Rogue - Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sun Aug 25th, 2019 @ 8:46am by Lieutenant T'Lorok S'Karon CallSign: Lancer & Lieutenant JG Elizabeth McDougal CallSign: Tartan [T'Lorok] & Lieutenant JG Shenzi K'Ress

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Location: Wing Commanders Office
Timeline: 1/25/2389


[Wing Commander's Office]

Shenzi K'Ress approached the commanders office that Lieutenant T'Lorok was in. She smoothed out her skirt and rang the chime to alert him.

S’Karon was in discussion with McDougal talking over a schedule for routine CAP flights during the transit to Canterra when the chime went.

“Enter” S’Karon called, looking up when the Feline Pilot entered.

Shenzi stepped into the room. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Shenzi K'Ress, reporting for duty, sir!" She said.

“Welcome to the Silver Shadows Lieutenant” S’Karon greeted her “I’m Lancer” He used his callsign in the informal manner of fighter pilot commanders.

“This is Liz McDougal Tartan, my acting XO” He introduced the other woman.

“Take a seat” He pointed to a chair “What’s your Call Sign? It does not have that in your record” He had brought her service file up on his screen.

Shenzi sat down next to McDougal. "My callsign is 'Rogue', sir." Shenzi said, not sure why that wasn't on file.

“Well it is in there now" He tapped in an entry and continued read "Survived a crash landing and the subsequent explosion, which killed your spouse…” S’Karon quoted from the file.

Shenzi winced, and flattened her ears some, at the mention of her husband being killed in the explosion. The wound was still too raw.

He looked to McDougal, “This was exactly the type of incident we need to avoid and I raised the same when they wanted to station additional personnel on the flight line during combat to try to land damaged craft.“

Tartan nodded “Not a good plan. You’re lucky to have survived.” She said to Rogue.

"Thank you, ma'am." Shenzi responded. Sometimes, however, she wondered if she really was lucky to have survived.

“Then reduced in rank for insubordination…” S’Karon continued “Care to explain that?”

Shenzi sighed, wondering how to best say what she had to. "Klingon from the exchange program had made a rather nasty comment about my late husband. No, nasty doesn't begin to describe it. I, snapped, and beat him badly, sir. There was a hearing, and it was decided that I would be reduced in rank and simply transferred to another ship rather than dishonorably discharged like the first officer wanted, sir." Shenzi answered.

"I see..." s'Karon hid a smile when she mentioned assaulting a Klingon, Romulans and Klingons had been doing that to each other for centuries, "I expect Silver Shadow pilots to be bold and aggressive, but not stupid. Do not get into fights, either in your Fighter or otherwise where you will ultimately lose. You need to consider likely outcomes before committing to action, don't let emotion over come experience and judgement. Is that clear?"

"Crystal clear, sir." Shenzi responded. She had no intention of making the same mistake twice.

“And you have a child, a daughter?” S’Karon asked. The Star Navy did not bring families on warships and he did not approve of Starfleet doing so. “You brought her aboard, yet you are aware we are going into a warzone? You can make no other arrangements for her care?”

"My daughter came with me, sir. All I was told was I was going to be a flight leader. It wasn't until after coming aboard that I was informed of the ship going to war." She replied. "The ship I was born on is close by, so my mother should be able to take care of her, sir."

"Your child's welfare is your concern" s'Karon replied "And I expect you to make the appropriate decision, based on the upcoming mission profile" Family was important to Romulans, family lines surpassed the individual, heritage and continuation of the dynasty was what mattered. Much of his own family had gone with Hobus and it was still a raw issue. "Her safety and future should be your primary considerations"

"Of course, sir." Shenzi responded.

"Now, what questions do you have for us?" He asked

"In my previous squadron, we were permitted to have our fighters coloured however we wanted. Mine was solid red, with the name 'Chrimson Dutchess' on the nose. Would I be permitted to do that here, sir?" She asked

S’Karon’s eyes widened at little at that, Romulan pilots would never be allowed that freedom and it was a tough adjustment sometimes to see how lax Starfleet could be. “That is a negative Rogue, not the whole ship” He replied.

The Silver Shadows craft were painted in a disruptive angular camouflage, two shades of gray, white, charcoal and black. However, Squadron tradition allowed its pilots some limited customization around the cockpit.

McDougal had a four inch wide band of her Clan Tartan around the canopy, which matched a ring of the same on her helmet. One pilot had a two foot Viking Longship silhouette on each side of the cockpit; another three Aces playing cards. While S’Karon had a one foot stooping hawk silhouette in Romulan Imperial green on his.

“But, you can have a red panel or image and the name by your cockpit” He offered as a compromise “Weapons Technician Petty Officer Thomas is the Squadron artist, a bottle of Andorian Gin is the going rate I believe. Talk to him; then show Tartan the design for approval. How’s that?”

"That's works for me, sir." Shenzi answered. In the back of her mind, she was already brainstorming a good design.

"Good, any other questions?"

After a short discussion the meeting came to an end.



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