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“Doctor Laith I Presume?”

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 8:58pm by Lieutenant Doctor Ayasha Laith D.V.M., M.D. & Sylestia Laith C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Ensign Dáir Nyah

Mission: Episode 2: Fresh Faces
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: Current
Tags: Sylestia Laith, Sylestia

Dáir-Nyah walked calmly down a corridor making his way to sickbay while attempting to remain observant to the people he passed and the layout of the ship. He always found it difficult to remember names and faces of the people he worked with but was hoping it would be different now that this wasn’t a temporary assignment. He hoped not only to remember his co-workers better but to keep from embarrassing himself and calling people by the wrong names.

He also spent much of his time walking thinking of what he would say to his superior. He had yet to meet the Chief Science Officer. That would be his next stop after ensuring he was in proper health.

As the doors to sickbay slid open, he stepped in and called “Dr. Laith?”

Doctor Laith and Therapist Laith were in the doctor’s office discussing some recent events from some previous physicals when Sylestia Laith perked up and without a word bounded out into main sickbay. She wore her uniform collar, which was sporting her new UT – in the style of a commbadge – on it. The Thyla female had an air of excitement and welcoming about her as she padded out. She emitted some joyful animalistic vocalizations, along with her tail wagging and raised high as the Universal Translator emitted, =/\=welcome to sickbay, how can we be of assistance today?=/\=

Dáir-Nyah turned and looked to where he heard the voice emanating. When he at first saw no one he realized there was a four-legged creature walking towards him. He wasn’t exactly sure of the species of this creature but the more important question that jumped into his mind was: did this creature just welcome me to sickbay?

He was truly dumbfounded and stood speechless for a moment before attempting to correct his reaction. He cleared his throat “A-are you Doctor Laith?” he asked carefully. He was internally battling with the barrage of questions bouncing around inside his head. Should he remain standing or crouch down to be on the same level as the creature he is communicating with? Would it be rude to ask how Doctor Laith is speaking or what species they are? His biggest question though was how someone would do surgery with paws?!

The younger Laith emitted a vocalization that was reminiscent of something a hyena might make. =/\=N-n-no, silly, I think you want my ‘mom.’ Lemmie get hir for you.=/\= With that the Thyla departed into the CMO’s office and briefly emerged again with a bipedal Beastinoid.

The Ailurian/Felinoid Hybrid emerged with Sylestia down by hir bare, digigrade, paws. “Hello!” s/he said excitedly. “Please forgive young Sylestia; ‘Imitation is the sincerest type of flattery,’ isn’t that what they say? Young ones do like to pretend. She likes to try and see who she can get to think she’s me. I don’t think we’ve met before, are you new? I’ll bet you’re here for a physical?” The elder Laith opened hir arms offering a hug, hir people’s standard form of greeting.

Dáir-Nyah smiles down at the Canidae-like marsupial “ah, I see. Well, it is a joy to meet you Sylestia.” He then looks to Doctor Laith “Yes doctor, I have just arrived. Ensign Dáir-Nyah reporting for his physical.” He gives a quick bow after introducing himself, the standard A'kinian greeting. He hesitates for a moment and then does give the doctor a quick hug. He is always happy to experience and learn about others and their greetings but on Crouta it would be very rare for people to greet in that manner. That kind of closeness is usually reserved for closer friends and mates.

Doctor Laith reached down and ruffled Sylestia’s ears. “Ok, you had your fun little-one, why don’t you go see if Aisha and her puppy want to play.”

With that Sylestia bounded off and out the door.

The doctor looked at the new officer with a genuine welcoming smile about hir. “It is so nice to meet you. I think I was just reviewing your file. You’re… (Is it Croutaian?) feel free to call me Doctor Tamara if you’d like,” s/he fur-blushed slightly, “I prefer it. Please join me over at the surgical biobed, and if you wouldn’t mind removing your top, we can begin.”

“A'kinian.” Dáir-Nyah corrects simply, “I was born on Crouta. Very well, Doctor Tamara.” Dáir-Nyah repeated the name in his mind to try and commit it to memory as he pulled his uniform top off. His shoulders twitched as his mane was freed from being smashed down under his uniform. He walked to the biobed and sat down waiting for the doctor. Dáir-Nyah was relatively slender. He was a good runner and liked to stay somewhat active, but he was far from being muscular especially his upper body.

“Noted. Thank you. I recall now; you’re related to the Anticans, no?” Ayasha whispered the correction to hirself a few times, hoping to help commit it to memory. S/he admired the A'kinian’s torso, and mane. “Nice mane.” S/he glanced him over, too, from a doctor’s perspective in order to note if there were any visual defects, injuries, or concerns s/he may need to bring up with him. “If you could lay back, I’ll close the surgical arc so we can begin.” S/he smiled warmly again. “You know if you’d like I can help you get an accommodation and design a low-back version of your uniform. I only offer, because I’ve been through the process for myself getting accommodations for a tail-sleeve.”

“Yes, distantly but we are related,” Dáir-Nyah comments. At the compliment, to his mane, he smiles and sat up a little straighter. His mane was always a point of pride. It’s the most visual representation of his home and his people. “Thank you.” Upon request, he laid back on the biobed and shifted to get a bit more comfortable. “Thank you, it’s a generous offer but I’ve gotten quite used to the uniform now. It doesn’t irritate nearly as much as it used to.”

“Really, it’s no problem. We should be able to get approval within the hour.” Tamara activated the arc, and it slowly started to close around Dáir-Nyah. “There’s a panic button on your left if you need it.” It didn’t take long however for the arc to complete its closing cycle, then the doctor stepped over to the controls and programed a sequence of scans. “…but really, this won’t take long. (Oh, I should probably warn you, some races have mentioned they can sense the scan field – it tickles – but please try not to squirm too much.)”

Meanwhile Sylestia came over to investigate. She was supposed to check on ‘mommy’ every once in a while, which had the added benefit of allowing her to be available to check on the patience too and make sure they were alright in case they needed her for any sort of support.

“Really Doctor Tamara, it’s alright. I suppose it’s my attempt at ‘fitting in.’” he said and goes quiet a moment listening to the sound of the biobed scans. When he hears Sylestia padding over he turns his head to the noise watching. “Hello again,” he greets the quadruped. “It must be nice, getting to work with your offspring.” He says to the doctor. He sometimes wishes he could work side-by-side with his family but deep down he knows that’s impossible. Most of his family would be miserable away from their home and his other sister would end up getting thrown in the brig before her first day was over.

Tamara ruffled Sylestia’s ears. “Yeah, Sylestia is actually adopted – I’m not a marsupial – but that doesn’t make us any less of a family. We’re actually very close. She does have a valuable function on the ship too… ready?” Since no one usually objected, s/he activated the scan sequences.

“Oh? what do you do on the ship?” he asks more to Sylestia as he listened to the scans and attempted not to move too much.

=/\=Well I am still apart of the medical department,” Sylestia explained as the surgical arc continued to run its scans, “but I’m also in counseling; I’m the Therapy Assistant… though I’ven’t actually met others in the counseling department, so in a way, I guess that makes me the chief… thera…pi-”=/\=

Ayasha was making that look that was as if to say, ‘don’t push your luck, kid.’ “Maybe someday, little-one. We’ll see about getting an audience with the CO.” Tamara looked the A'kinian over, then smiled at him again, “Dáir-Nyah is that a first and middle name, is it hyphenated, orr…”

“That is always a necessary profession,” he says to Sylestia. “A'kinian names are quite specific, I suppose. Dáir is my given name and Nyah is my mother’s name. Our names are hyphenated to say, ‘I am Dáir son of Nyah.’ We never really just use our mother’s name- although it is often mistaken for a family name or last name, but among friends and family most will use just their given name.” he explains

Doctor Tamara heard a slight been and pressed some controls on the arc to persuade it to continue scanning.

Sylestia continued, =/\=So then we should never call you Ensign Nyah, or Mister Nyah, but is Mister Dáir acceptable, or is it just Mister/Ensign Dáir-Nyah in formal situations?=/\=

“In formal situations yes, Ensign Dáir-Nyah would be the only appropriate name but socially Dáir is ok.” Normally he wouldn’t have strangers use his given name so openly, but he wanted to put his best foot forward and maybe make some friends on this mission. He’s normally too busy and too caught up in his own work to worry about friendships- but that becomes a lonely path after a while. “What is your title?” Dáir-Nyah asks Sylestia he knows there are many in the mental health profession who are doctors so maybe he was right and there are just two doctor Laiths.

Sylestia emitted an audible whimper, and her ears drooped as she looked away bashfully. Laith knelt down beside her for a moment. “There-there, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” S/he gave her a quick hug. Rising again, Doctor Tamara smiled. “Sylestia hasn’t completed her schooling yet. She’s also still a little embarrassed, sometimes she still gets treated like an animal. While she is a fully accredited therapist, the credentials behind her name all have to do with her training to assist me.” The doctor set the arc for its last set of scans. “She will not be able to complete her schooling until after her first-change.”

Dáir-Nyah resisted the urge to move around a bit- he felt awkward having this conversation laying down under the scanning arc, but little could be done about that. “I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to bring up something that would make you feel uncomfortable. I’ve been warned off before about asking too many questions.” but even as he said that he couldn’t stop the next question that seems to just pop out “I don’t really understand much about the changes you people go through- when does the change take place? you’re already quite well educated which would have taken many years wouldn’t it?” He fidgeted a bit attempting to remember his place in this new environment. “You don’t have to answer of course- I’m sorry I’m just… a curious sort.”

Finally, a ringing-chirp alerted Doctor Tamara the last set of scans s/he needed were complete. S/he deactivated the arc which retracted to its stored position out of the way. “Thank you for your patience,” s/he retrieved a PADD and downloaded the scans, saving them for later. S/he brought up Dáir’s medical record briefly in order to review it. “(Hmm… seems you need some updated and new vaccinations for this area.)”

Sylestia returned to the side of the bed; she raised up, setting her fore paws on the edge. Looking the A'kin in the eyes she said, =/\= We both appreciate your curiosity, after all that’s always been Starfleet’s primer mission; seeking out knowledge and new experiences.=/\=

Tamara ruffled Sylestia’s ears as s/he came up behind her and gently guided her back down, sneaking a parental kiss on the cheek. S/he turned back to Dáir. “That’s right; neither of us mind at all, and to shame on anyone who shunned you for being who you are. We know we’re slightly new to the Federation, and we appreciate your questions, and we’d be more than happy to learn the answers.” Tamara still had a job to do though, and s/he brought out a rather large, but probably fake, syringe. “(Where would you like the first set?)” S/he grinned with a mischievous glint in hir eye then continued as if nothing happened. “The people of Barnum Prime – or ‘beastinoids’ as they’re sometimes called collectively – are all born in form of their base species…”

Once the scanning arc was removed Dáir-Nyah sat back up and rolled his shoulders. He felt very appreciative of their response and smiled. He is glad that they both don’t seem annoyed by his questions but willing to indulge his curiosities.

At the fake syringe and doctor’s mischievous smile, Dáir-Nyah laughed and yelped a bit before putting his hand over his arm as if to shield it from the comically large syringe “(where’d you even get one like that?)”

Turning his attention to the doctor’s words he listened closely- his blue-green eyes glued to the doctor taking in the new information. He knew later he would have to do some reading on Barnum Prime- his curiosity demanded it ‘I wonder how many base species there are? A single planet can support a huge variety of life… I wonder if mixed species are possible? Would probably depend on how similar the genetic structure of the individual species are…’ While his mind was already wandering with questions and hypothesis he was still paying complete attention.

“(Ever hear of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?)”

Sylestia pawed at ‘mommy’ for attention, ~see if you can convince him to take the vaccines in the posterior?~

Tamara put the syringe away and retrieved a regular hypospray. ~Why Little-One?~

Sylestia hesitated, looking down and away embarrassed. ~N-no r-reason…~

~Mm-hmm… we’ll see Little-One…~ Tamara looked at Dáir getting distracted with work and forgetting to go back to what s/he was talking about. “This first vaccine is recommended to receive it posteriorly, but if that bothers you, we can try the inner elbow, but it may spread too quickly if injected into the jugular in the neck.” S/he half-teased.

“(ah that’s the earth joke shop, right? very fun.)” at the request, Dáir-Nyah shrugged and slid off the biobed, turned, and pulled the right side of his pants down a bit to allow the doctor to give him the injection. He didn’t really think much of it and was in fact more distracted with his own train of thought. “When does the first-change take place for your people?” he asked towards both people present. “How many species does Barnum Prime support?”

Tamara was surprised that had actually worked. S/he pressed the hypospray to Dáir’s cheek and injected him.

Meanwhile, Sylestia swooned and her skin under her fur changed colors. She almost – but not quite – mimicked the noise of a giggle, out of embarrassment that he might find out she was beginning to develop a crush.

Tamara spoke up. “When the first-change can happen is generally tied to an individual’s lineage. For instance, a Muridae generally has theirs a lot sooner and a Cetacenindian may have to wait decades. Thyla or a Caninoid can have theirs in their early teens. It’s been suggested there may be a correlation between us and the maximum lifespan of an equivalent species on another planet.” The doctor hesitated; s/he hoped hir explanation wasn’t too convoluted. S/he readied the hypo again, this time with a form of a ‘combo’ shot. “Make sense? (You can pull your pants back up now.)”

Tamara thought about Dáir’s second question. “I’m not really sure of the last count I heard. I think it’s in the hundreds or even thousands.”

Dáir-Nyah, as oblivious as normal, didn’t really notice Sylestia’s reaction and pulled his pants back up while making sure not to catch the end of his mane in the waistband. He turned and leaned against the biobed. “(is that the last shot?)” he asked indicating towards the hypo in the doctor’s hands. “That is fascinating! do all of these species share a planet? The ecosystem must be amazingly diverse… how much do the different species interact? Does the difference in the amount of time until the first-change change the rate of maturity in the individual?” he realized he was asking a lot of questions, but he just couldn’t help it. “I would love to read more about your people if you have any reading material to suggest! This is exactly why I wanted to leave my home planet- learning about other peoples of the galaxy is truly rewarding!” Dáir-Nyah’s face really lit up while talking like this.

Tamara, too, began to admire Dáir-Nyah and his curiosity. S/he smiled a bit, feeling just a bit flush hirself getting a half-moon so easily. It had been such a long time since s/he’d been able to spend time with anyone off duty. “Well, I never really thought about it, the maturity level of the different Beastinoids of Barnum is just the way it is really. I mean I suppose, say… elephants have a longer childhood, but it’s not like those who haven’t changed or won’t change never mature beyond adolescence. They still have a normal lifecycle as their similar counterparts; they just live on after their change.” Tamara stood up straight and tall, momentarily forgetting about the hypo in hir paw, “in answer to your other question, I’m an Ailurian/Felinoid hybrid; I’d say that we do interact quite a bit. I know an Equinoid who adopted a set of Ursinoid twins.

Tamara remembered the hypo again, “(arm please… just as long as you don’t have any adverse reactions.)” S/he winked but was half-serious. “I’d love to tell you more about our peoples, but, yes, perhaps at another time. Would you like visit our den sometime?”

Dáir-Nyah held out his bare arm for the doctor and smiled at the invitation, “Thank you- I would be honored. I promise I won’t constantly interrogate you about your people.” with his free arm he retrieved his shirt and held it at his side waiting for the hypo before pulling it back on.

Ayasha gave Dáir-Nyah the final injection for now before allowing him to get dressed. “You’re good to go for now Ensign. In that case, perhaps sometimes you’d like to join us for a meal? What sorts of appetite do A'kinian have?”

Dáir-Nyah grabbed his shit and pulled it on making his mane stick out in funny directions. As he attempted in vain to smooth it all down, he said “Thank you! I’ll eat just about anything- I’d love to try some traditional food from your home.” He smoothed out his uniform and made sure he wasn’t forgetting anything, “Doctor Tamara, Sylestia, it has been a pleasure meeting you both- and I would love to take you up on your offer of a meal.”

Doctor Tamara observed Dáir-Nyah. S/he thought he suddenly seemed a bit nervous. “Is something the matter, Ensign?”

“Not at all!” He said with a truly genuine smile, “I am truly thankful for the invitation. This has been a better fist day then I hoped for actually.”

Ayasha smiled, “Thank you. I’m glad to hear it. I hope it only gets better from here. Feel free to get a hold of me when you have a better idea of what your schedule will be. If there’s nothing else, you’re free to go; I’m sure you have other meetings planned.”



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